Small Quantity Hard Cover Binding

In 2006, according to statistics related at the Book Expo of America in 2006, only 1,000 of the quoted 172 000 new book titles sell more than 50,000 copies through traditional retail channels. Only 25,000 of the 172,000 new publication each year sell more than 5,000 copies . In 2008, Publisher’s Weekly had a similar report indicating the average number of copies sold for all of over 176,000 some titles produced that year was 53 copies!. This totally indicates the trends put forth in books like The Long Tail

So how does all of this relate to Houchen Bindery Ltd.? Well we are specialists in short run length book binding projects. As a stand alone bindery, we serve printers thoughout the entire USA for short run length hard cover binding solutions. We normally handle projects with quantities from one to 1000.

For further information on these services, please contact Martin Pugh at Houchen Bindery Ltd. or 1-800-869-0420.

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